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Jun 14 2012 | 9:32 am


Yep, I don’t explain how to use the fftw3… I should add few line about it!
The .dylib are dynamic library, externals can be compiled with a static or a dynamic library. With a dynamic library the user need to have it on his computer. With a static library, the library is in the package but I’m not sure that it’s going to work everywhere. I’m a developer since less than a year and I’ve never try to use static library before. Here, I’ve try with the, can you tell me if it works? If it’s works I’m going to make two library for max (a static one and a dynamic one) and publish it otherwise you’ll have to wait until I really understand how to do and try it on several computer.

The other solution is to install the fftw3 on you Mac. There’s several links where you can install the fftw3 library, it’s really easy and fast and it could be useful because this library is very popular :

I think it’s should work.

Feedback helps me to improve my library, if you have other comments, I’ll be pleased to know it.
Thanks a lot.



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