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October 25, 2010 | 5:10 pm

I bet no one bothered to read that long post – I don’t blame you ;)

Basically, the abstraction is just a nice way of getting data from a single text file into multiple coll objects in your patch without having to mess with countless different text files, the coll file syntax, or a lack of commenting functionality.

I’ve just corrected a few things, and added C-style mult-line comment filtering (both single and multi-line filtering can be enabled/disabled as an attribute/message). If you find a kink in the behavior, let me know. You can download the updated abstraction at

At some point soon, I’ll port this to a JSON-to-coll parser…

Relatedly, I added [z.minify] to the collection, which filters out single/multi-line comments and superfluous white space from a text file.

Attached is another example, simpler than the one provided with the abstraction, that doesn’t utilize embedded blocks, but I think it still shows the human-readable benefits to using a more intuitive config file syntax, vs coll file syntax (especially when other people are looking at it).