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Sep 24 2010 | 6:01 pm

Hi, I have added fpic support in the Max Multitouch Framework.

You need:

  • named fpic objects in the interface patches, with pictures loaded from disk;
    (restrictions Fantastick imposes on your pictures apply here as well: they need to have dimensions that are a power of 2, so 16,32,64,128 px etc)
  • a webserver running on your computer, with the images you have used in the fpic objects placed in the web directory;
    (note that the images you put in fpic don’t actually need to come directly from the webserver folder, it’s just that images with the same filename need to be present in the web folder).
  • a [textedit] object in your main patch (on the same level as the mmf core object) named mmf_imgpath. Enter the web path to your image folder there, including trailing slash. Examples of paths: , or http://your-bonjour-name.local/images/
  • the modified javascript file attached to this post.

(I haven’t tested this with windows yet, on mac it works perfectly, very fast too)

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