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Mar 01 2012 | 2:32 pm

Hi guys,

Unfortunately it’s all work and no play the last couple of days so it’s not really ready yet, i still need to look into the threads but you can search for a lot more tweets now.

Instead of "maxtwitter" it’s now called "Maxtwitter". This was because of Netbeans wanting classes to start with a capital letter and make sure you delete the old maxtwitter.class/.java and .maxhelp before copying this in to avoid conflicts.

The missing geo-locations in the search-function are still a mystery to me, i’m guessing it won’t let me see the locations if they are outside my own country, if anyone can confirm this behaviour (or otherwise) please let me know.

Returned tweets are now seperated by "< ->" this should make it easier to extract data from the results. Because i suck at regexp and time is not on my side i’ve not yet created an example of this but i’m sure you’ll figure it out.

So happy patching and i’ll post an update soon when i get the threads working.


  1. Maxtwitter1.01.RAR

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