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May 12 2011 | 10:41 pm

in pluggo in OSX and windows you can only access other plug-ins via MIDI, in
pluggo in mac OS 9 and in maxmsp using the [vst~] object you can also access
the VST parameters directly.

it is quite some work to get the list of parameters and their names off the [vst~]
object, especially if oyu want to save the data in the patcher for later.
but it is a standard function of the object and the helpfile and the referene
should be all you need to get it working.

basically, you send "0.5" via [prepend 17] to [vst~ filterplugin] to set its
17th parameter to the center value. so far it is not too difficult.

if you compare the parameter list with a preset of the plug-in you can also
perform all thinkable forms of offset, random, and morphing between existing

but another interesting thing to build is that you have an interface where you
can choose only a few specific parameters in order to modulate these.

thats what i did in combicontrol – which was more or less my first project
ever made with max! :)

this is the plug-in build of the midi-version, but i also have a version for
parameters and controller data for the kyma language. (VST parameters are
number from 0-1, which is something you can make use of everywhere.)


  1. combicontrol2.jpg


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