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Mar 14 2012 | 11:36 pm

Hi, thanks for your posts guys, I’m new to the forum and max, so forgive me if I don’t make myself clear from time to time.

the data coming through is varied, the harder the piezo is hit, the first number would be like 117 and then 3 would follow just as the patch creates (the one Christopher made). So essentially I need to remove all the extra bangs so no matter how hard or soft the piezo is hit I just get one bang per time. I can upload my patch but its a little messy at the moment. It listens to the serial data coming in from the arduino. I’m sure its simple enough to apply something to the serial data to scale each hit to one bang, but i have read and read all over and I cant seem to work it out. ( I scratch my head on this one) Oh the patch you sent Christopher, it creates a list of bangs just like the patch i have, how do i get this to ‘reduce the bangs lol"

  1. midiserial2.maxpat

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