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Dec 27 2011 | 12:02 am

(I guess this thread is my own private party – having a blast)

In any case: The various flavors of node (anim vs gl) are starting to make a little more sense.

Here’s a much better anaglyph 3D camera (requires custom shader – attached). Using (much better than to navigate (thanks Andrew, and thanks Robert for the arrow keys).

I have a couple of little questions about jit.anim stuff:

*’s ui-map seems to intermittently reset to the default – no embed attribute like dict, so I copied my ui-map into a dict object, and loadbang it in – but there must be a better way.

* I want my camera to stay upright – setting tripod 1 works to keep the up vector up with cameras, and it seemed to work with jit.anim.node when it was connected directly to a camera, but it doesn’t seem to work when it’s connected to a

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

  1. co.anaglyph.jxs

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