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Mar 05 2013 | 7:59 pm

I have downloaded the nSlam xj.jimmies and am still having clicking issues in using xj.harmv1~ and even xj.helem1~. It seems like it might be related to window size as the time between clicks gets further apart asI make the window size larger. I am attaching an example file to illustrate what I am encountering. The audio file is the cello-f2 from the Max Sounds folder.

NB: I do not experience the clicking with the audio provided with the xj.jimmies so it may very well be a sound file issue where perhaps gets the click from the start of the audio file in which case it needs to be tapered off.

I will be using this will live audio so my concern is that incoming audio will experience this problem as well though.

Folks over at the other similar posts ( and may be having this very issue.

  1. celloclick2.aif

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