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October 29, 2010 | 8:08 pm

So I’ve been working on a Java TCP client that does a persistent socket connection. Trouble is, I don’t know java!

I’ve managed to get it writing to the server nicely and I’ve made a decent interface to Max-land. But I cannot figure out how to read the server’s replies without hanging max. So this solves half the problem – sending the messages on one socket – but does not solve the getting back part.

Should it happen in a separate thread so as not to hang max? I am trying in the code to do what all the simple java tcp client examples online do for reading back, but it just hangs max every time. If anyone has any ideas that would be fantastic – I think it would be great to get this sort of thing working.

I’m attaching the java class I have so far and source code and a help patch that describes how to use it.