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Oct 21 2012 | 6:45 pm

the last one i posted was the revised version: single line~ to √~.
the one i posted now includes the clip~ which doesnt make any difference(hope it’s correct).

ex: when i ramp from hard L to hard R or vice versa you get the click at the end of each
ramp and like a said it doesnt matter if i constrain the panner via clip~.

…the patch will be the abstraction, "panner" for my stereo mixer.

by the way i found the user that i’d lost track of whose the maker of an 8-Channel Mixer.
I learned the panning algorithm from his patch:

as to the links thx very much, i’m not a math guy, but i’ve just started working trying to understand
the FFT which i’m especially interested in but i’ve yet to study the nature of imaginary numbers and how
singals are represented mathematically. will be getting back to fft after i finish the stereo mixer i’m working on.

cheers to the big apple from izmir-tr!

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