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Mar 28 2010 | 7:20 pm

Here is the file.
I’m using Maxuino, so it’s able to tell when a note/LED is being "held down".

I think I just solved the holding problem (by switching from dac~ to ezdac~ , and also adding a logic mechanism (in this sketch both are there, even though only one has to be).
However, I’ve then run into two other problems.

1) Bad sound quality upon beginning/ending. There’s a scratch sound you’ll notice when turning on/off sounds quickly.
2) A very difficult time playing multiple notes at once. This is because while I’m finding it very easy to keep a note pressed, it is more difficult to turn off that note when it’s eventually released (even though other notes may be pressed).

I’ve been trying to find examples of similar things online, but have had little luck doing so. Do you think that MAX is really the right program for this?

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