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Mar 31 2013 | 5:48 pm

@ all
How generous and kind! You guys are amazing souls. I am very grateful of all your advices.
And many apologies for this delayed reply.

@ LSka
Thank you! Yes. I will use play~ object in poly_player then.

@ Mark Durham
I have 24GB RAM, and i7 processor. So the ram is not much of a problem, but polybuffer~ seems to operate a little unstably on my laptop. Also, the object seems to change the order of buffer as opposed to my intention of having buffer 1 to 60 as the order of the audio file names.
As for size, each file is about 30MB. All of them Mono WAV files running 6 minutes 5 seconds precisely.
Would you please show me a preliminary patch of how you’d tackle a similar task if you have time? I’d really appreciate it!

@ Roman Thilenius
Thank you for verifying! I will stick to the idea of fitting play~ in poly~ poly_player then.

@ Roald Baudoux
Thank you, Roald Baudoux. What a great help!!! Attached are the patches that I amended only slightly from you generously posted up. I have a couple of questions regarding your patch.
1) Is the line~ object in the mother patch is tracking the PRESENT point of audio files?
2) it seems my patch does not operate although buffers are all there…this is a very stupid question, but why would that be?
Again, thanks a million!

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