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Oct 13 2012 | 7:09 pm

Oops, here’s an updated version with the presentation mode made to look more… presentable.

I am trying to build a series of tutorials that start with basic FM theory, then go into subtractive synthesis, more advanced FM, then finally a fully-fledged 4-operator FM synth, I’ll post it in the forums when I finish it….

Other fun things to try:

Use a pictslider to create a 4-point waveform interpolator (just crossfade—wavetables have the advantage that morphing is LITERALLY just crossfading because the phases always line up)

Try a a tapin~ and tapout~ to create FM feedback. You can make some truly horrible growling.

Try PM instead of or in addition to FM, it can make some pretty good robotic sounds.

Stack modulators

Use poly~ for upsampling, it will allow you to modulate further before things dissolve into noise (but sometimes that’s what you want)

Construct your own single-cycle waveforms

Modulate the index with LFOs, ADSRs, or LFOs modulated by an envelope (to create LFOs whose speed changes over the course of the envelope)

  1. FMWavetable.maxpat

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