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Feb 20 2012 | 8:32 pm

yes, as peter says, [pcontrol] is also very useful if you have other things going on. in true cycling74 style, the best [pcontrol] example is in the [mute~] helpfile. in fact they are some of the oldest objects i think. [mute~]/[pass~] are great – but you can get burned with third party externals that have not utilised them correctly (whereas [poly~]/[pcontrol] always get them). and NEVER FORGET YOUR INTERNAL [PASS~].

@rodrigo, you mention "harmonics above 0.01 seem to aggressively gate…" – yes, it is actually a brutal offset to the signal, and you are looking at values between 0.001 and 0.009 really, although you can achieve special effects higher, which is why i left the range that way. it is dcblocked on output.

i am glad you like the effect and that you may use it.

@Wetterberg, and anyone else interested, attached is a collection of about 20 or so waveshaping algos side-by-side, to hack and re-use should you be interested. and you can use peter mcculloch’s buffer writing method in this thread to turn them into lookups if you need.

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