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June 16, 2012 | 11:43 pm

so here is where I went.

I have that huge jit.gen (finally not that big)
It takes some parameters as input:
– position of the cam
– a point on the view direction of the cam (lookat)
– the up vector

It takes also cam parameters like:
– lens angle
– ratio of the view (w/h)
– nearClip distance
– farClip distance

it processes the whole parameters to render the 8 points of the view frustum.
As shown there:

The calculation is there:

first question:
I need to normalize a vector inside the codebox.
I did the basic calculation including sqrt()
does it exist a better way inside GenExpr / codebox ?

Now, I have my eight point defining my view.
They defines my 6 planes too.

I have to "test" all my object according to those planes in order to have a list of objects I have to inactivate and activate, according to the position & orientation of my cam.

That part is done in the second codebox and has to be done for the 6 planes.

Knowing I have a matrix with all my objects' positions, how can I test each one against those 6 planes ??

any help would be appreciate.
I don't know if this is the best implementation I could make of that concept.


  1. viewfrustumCulling.PNG