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Mar 22 2012 | 8:06 am


I have reviewed the documentation you provided and while helpful I still think this is an issue. I have attached the patch with the VST included as it is a free VST that you can use to see what I am talking about and this does not jsut happen for this VST it happens to all VST's that I have tried using, but works fine in MAX 5. I have also provided a screen shot showing the params are correct in my patch. For what I want to do the steps you provided seem to much for a simple task. You can test this in max 5 and it works. Then test this in 6 and change the setup of your midi controller to the values I have or to whatever you like for you own controller. You will see that this works in 5 and does not work in 6. If you could provide something that might have changed in the way this works in max 6 that would be great.


  1. Parameters.tiff


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