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Dec 19 2012 | 12:58 pm


Here attached is a small abstraction to renumber the Fingers IDs, so that there are not anymore "ever-increasing", but kept as low as possible.
It is the same abstraction as the one that jm pelletier did for [cv.jit.touches] (cf ), I just adapted it to [s2m.wacomtouch].
To use it, just input it the fingers data (i.e, connect the left outlet of s2m.wacomtouch to it), and you’ll have the same data out of it, but with renumbered fingers IDs.

BTW, s2m.wacomtouch has been updated a few days ago (see ), and a windows version of it is now available.

note that the 2nd outlet does not output a bang anymore, but a list. So you may have to add a [t b] in your previous patches. hope it won’t be to much troubles for you.

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