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Oct 22 2012 | 1:21 pm


I hope this helps you out. Let us know how you get on.

This patch has a couple of examples and includes a comprehensive list of all of the values you need to give to the [sxformat] object that can be edited on the original DX7 (don’t know about any other version).

Just replace the "xx" with "/ in $i1 /" and feed the [sxformat] object data from your midi controller. (You will want to scale the 0-127 values from your midi controller down to values that are suitable, eg the Operators on the DX7 require values of 0-99, etc).

I’ve also attached two text files for the Edit and Function sysex values. Both of which came from Clyde’s Midi bus stop website ( and both of which I’ve edited to the values that the [sxformat] object will accept.

It works with my DX7. Unfortunately it’s not smooth sailing though. I’d really like to be able to edit the DX7 in realtime without the sound glitching at all but my DX7 can’t handle being edited in realtime via sysex without it’s output being interrupted. I’m super keen to know if anyone else has managed a method that doesn’t have this issue….???

BTW, Thank you everyone over the years of my lurking and browsing this forum for all your help. I’ve pretty much always found answers to my questions and I’ve never needed to post. Thank you all.

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

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