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May 23 2013 | 3:31 am


I have two buffers, the playback buffer should always be stereo, and the source buffer can be mono or stereo.

I have the condition: if source buffer is mono, copy source buffer to both playback buffer channels.

I don’t understand how to do this with mxj buf.OP. When I use the "copyFrom" and the source buffer is mono, it appears to be copied to both channels (see attached). Peek~ appears to show that the mono sample has been copied to both channels (also attached). However when I come to play the audio, it is only coming from one channel.

Peek~ and Poke~ are too slow, and beachball when used with uzi, so they are out of the proverbial window. I also can’t afford more signal objects at the processing stage.

  1. Screen-Shot-2013-05-23-at-11.10.17


  2. Screen-Shot-2013-05-23-at-11.19.47


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