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Jun 04 2013 | 5:39 am

Wonderfull Jeremy, thanks a lot!

So attached is a maxproj that can do 2 things:
1) we use it to play remote chess by sending moves via mail: Start a new game or paste the move sequence you got into the textedit box. Make your move, it’ll be appended to the text. Copy everything in the textbox and paste it into an email, send, done, wait for reply. If you don’t need to recreate the game you can also just append your move in the mail using the short Notation a1a2. If you paste it in the patch later the parser will tidy it again. (You could also send pgn files but this way it’s very simple to reply without opening the patch if the game is still on your table).
(a co-player told us he played chess in a tournament by sending moves via postcards, 3months timeout for 10 moves – nice)
If you use back forward the textedit field will be cleared not to mix it up completely….
2) Paste in games from wikipedia (eg: or whatever. You can basically paste in everything as long as the moves contain start field and end field "11. Qd4xe5??" will work as good as "d4e5", as long as it’s a valid move and there is no spaces inside. "Qe5" will not work! You can paste in a lot of moves at once (text will be ignored, but alternatives not, so just copy the lines that contain real moves). Hit enter or click the button, if it can not be parsed you’ll see the problem move below the board. Use the back forward buttons to see what happened in the game.

You might want to remove the german attribute in the js box in order to output english Shortnames (RBQKN)

If there was still pm-Option I would ask you to challenge me that way but I can’t find it anymore, is it gone?


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