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Nov 12 2013 | 1:23 am

Another thing to check in addition to adhoc network and/or firewall settings is any Bonjour version and compatibility issues that might be present.

According to this Microsoft page, there are some users who are having Bonjour troubles but overall, the majority seem to think that Bonjour 3 is working well under 8.1.

However, I can’t find a direct download for Bonjour v3. I believe the only way to get it may be to install iTunes for Windows, though I may be mistaken. The only Bonjour installer I can find on Apple’s web site is v2.0.2.

So if you are still having problems and can report your Bonjour version installed, that would also be of interest so we can try to establish a pattern for those who are still experiencing this problem. For most people and us internally, these problems have disappeared.

Thanks again for your patience and feedback.

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