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Nov 20 2013 | 3:51 am


Thanks for being so frank with me, it’s really great to be able to talk openly about the whole development process. I get the sense that you’re expressing what a lot of Mira users are feeling, so I’m doubly glad that you’ve taken the time to lay it all out.

People have been calling for a central discussion place for Mira for a long time, so I’ll put some thought towards what that should look like. Part of the delay in getting something like that together is that I don’t think a forum thread is exactly the right place. One big thread is just going to get unwieldy, and a forum topic for Mira, while great, is better for managing a bunch of small topics than one central Mira wishlist/roadmap.

As for bpatcher, I can at least say that it’s quite high on my list. As I alluded to in the last post, memory issues are the biggest focus for me right now. These issues flare up especially in the case of really large patches. I’m worried about releasing bpatcher without addressing these core problems, in that I don’t want to enable this feature without really being able to support it. Hopefully that makes sense.

Thanks again for your patience! I’m hoping that not having bpatcher for now isn’t spoiling your Mira experience too much.

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