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May 16 2013 | 1:16 am

Just a few observations

When browsing at maximum width the Gravatar image icons are displayed with about 306 x 306 px. The originals have 100  x 100 px. I’d prefer smaller images at a maximum of about 200 x 200 px. This would reduce whitespace with short posts and make the image look better, as they are way too much interpolated at this size.

I think the quotations, especially when posted by staff members, are overdone with

a) indenting with a bar on the left
b) bold font
c) white background

Maybe just choose one. I’d recommend indenting and maybe also italic, but not bold as the quotation becomes more important than the reply.

Seems like no one else gets confused by the large font size in the forum post thread listings like i do. At least i would recommend to use as few as possible different fonts and sizes.

In general it would be great if the design of the website had a more strict (but still fluid) grid layout. I overlayed red lines at the many different vertical positions of elements on the frontpage.

Thanks for considering.

  1. c74site_nongrid_layout


  2. c74site_gravatar_and_quotation_staff


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