Running 2 Live's at the same time

    Jul 02 2012 | 2:17 am
    Im trying to run two live Application's at the same time by duplicating the Live app in my Live Folder. I am using the Arrangement commands/functions to control the timeline in a DJ style, with having two applications at the same time, they become deck A + B. It seems I can't access the Live API in both applications at once, I can't retrieve object id's, or send commands or functions. Only the last loaded application of Live works. Is there anyway around this? (excluding running to laptops at once) Thanks.

    • Jul 02 2012 | 8:22 pm
      First; you don't have top copy executables or such. Simply check your Live preference screen; 'Look Feel' tab. It has an option "Allow multiple instances" which allow you to run... You get the idea ;)
      You should be able to use M4L in all instances provided that you're not using rewire. When Live runs as a rewire slave then it doesn't allow the use of extensions such as vsts and m4l patches.
    • Jul 03 2012 | 1:08 am
      Did they remove this preference in 8.2.7? I cannot change this under Look Feel tab.
    • Jul 03 2012 | 1:39 am
      I added -ReWireMasterOff in Options.txt in the same folder as my Ableton's preference file as explained here :
      Now both applications start up and there is no Notification that the application has launched in Rewire mode, however, still both applications cannot get object id's from live.path objects.
    • Jul 04 2012 | 1:45 am
      ShelLuser, have you been able to get two different applications speaking to the API at the same time? Why do you think you 'should' be able to do this? I have attempted many workarounds, but none seem to work.. so far. :(
    • Jul 10 2012 | 9:25 pm
      I have no idea what you're getting at here. When I use 2 instances then both run just like any other; both allow normal usage of Max for Live, there is no reason why they shouldn't since there is no significant difference in running one or a dozen instances.
      Like mentioned easier; as long as its not running in Rewire slave mode then you'll have full access to M4L.
    • Jul 10 2012 | 10:50 pm
      There seems to be a difference between Mac and PC. On Mac there is no "allow multiple instances" option, and to my knowledge OSX doesn't support officially multiple copies of an app.
    • Jul 11 2012 | 12:28 am
      you can open multiple isntances of an app with several commands in teh terminal, i don't remember whihc though. And it could be tricky.
    • Jul 11 2012 | 12:13 pm
      2 ways i have done it using a mac as i posted here:
      I haven't tested it tons myself but i have done it and know its possible.
    • Jul 13 2012 | 7:30 am
      I just tested the command and successfully opened two instances. But the problem is when I try to acquire an ID from a live.path object in a Max for Live plug-in, there is no output. For example: Sending 'path live_set tracks 0' to [live.path] object will only output an ID for the most recently opened copy of the application.
      With -ReWireMasterOff in Options.txt I tested and made sure it opens the second instances NOT as a rewire slave, but a full copy of Live along side the other one. (There is no message saying I am in rewire mode on startup)
    • Jul 13 2012 | 9:43 am
      you need each instance of live to be addressing independent (two) copies of max as well? point them separately in the live prefs?
    • Jul 15 2012 | 11:29 pm
      I think this is the answer to my problem. I tried linking the two different applications to different copies of my Max application, it didn't solve it, although I'm guessing this is because there is only 1 preference file for Live, therefore unique paths to Max application per instance cannot be achieved. Would I be correct in assuming I need 2 different Live version's?