[Sharing is jumping] Prevent MIDI jump with javascript

    Aug 17 2013 | 8:58 am
    Hi, I'm wondering if there is someone out there who tryed to create some check over the MIDI input to prevent the value jumping.
    Let me explain with an example, if you have got the controller knob on 10 and the relative patch value is 120, then, when you move the knob the value will jump to the controller value.
    I've done this little javascript to avoid this. I want to share it, maybe it can be improved and someone can do it. It works with a [pvar] and a named numberbox.
    The javascript handle float input because I work with normalized 14bit MIDI input.
    Yes this is not only for MIDI but it works with every kind of input, you can avoid jump with Kinect input, Arduino or something else.

    • Jan 26 2017 | 3:12 pm
      Hi Esnho, I've been using your js: very nice ! But I also have experienced strange Max behavior (hanging out, slow...) in a patch containing your js (around 10-15 copies on different controller) Did you experience that as well? (Max 7.3.1 on Yosemite)