Standalone App can't find videos

    Mar 26 2012 | 10:02 pm
    Hi there
    I'm trying to make a Standalone App in Max5 that plays back two videos simultaneously.
    I've included the .mov files into the collective editor, but the resulting Standalone isn't able to locate 'em.
    I have a feeling it's my file search path... but I'm unsure of how to set it up for a Standalone.
    P.S. I've added the "jitter-externals" and "jitter-shaders" into the Standalone's "Support" folder. Still no dice.

    • Mar 27 2012 | 3:01 pm
      I usually just manually add files like .pdf's into the support folder (within the application bundle on the Mac) after Max builds the standalone. I would imagine that that support folder would be a good place to also put .mov files.
      Take a look at my "How to make a slick Max standalone" presentation, available here:
      On page 23, it shows you how I find the path to a .pdf file that I include in the support folder. You could do something similar for your .mov files...
      Hope that helps!
    • Mar 27 2012 | 6:45 pm
      Hey, that's super, Dan! thanks!
      I changed the file search path as you do on page 23, and just dropped my .movs in manually to a "vids" folder I created within the "support" folder!
      Works good!
    • Mar 27 2012 | 7:19 pm
      great, glad to hear it!