sxformat with Oberheim Matrix 6r

    Apr 17 2006 | 3:24 pm
    I've been struggling to build a control patch for the Oberheim Matrix 6r for the last days. I managed to get system exclusive messages into capture objects from the rack synth into max, but even though I followed the sysex message stucture as indicated in its midi implementation chart ( trix6R.html) i still can't send the messages back to this old Oberheim succesfully.
    the argument list i use:
    sxformat 240 16 6 6 1 / is $i2 / is $i1 / 247
    being $i2 the parameter number and $i1 the parameter value (so that a new value triggers the sxformat message to the midiout object every time it changes -1st inlet-)
    what am I doing wrong? does anyone have experience with sxformat and this particular synth (or a 6 or 1000)? Most visual editors I find either don't work or are not particularly comfortable to work with (not good shortkeys and the like), plus I want to be able to do real time stuff with this great sounding synth
    anyway cheers! Sebastian

    • Apr 17 2006 | 4:03 pm
      On Apr 17, 2006, at 11:24 AM, Sebastian wrote:
      > what am I doing wrong?
      hi sebastian i'd be interested to see how you progress on this project, being an owner of a matrix 6r myself. i do know a software developer who used to write code for midi libraries and i can ask him if he is familiar with the m6 code and any pitfalls. you should be able to do real-time controls, as i know there was a hardware programmer for the m6r at one point (though i never saw one.) i think i remember from years ago the use of a system id - i believe every midi device is given a unique id code so that messages get sent to the correct device. but i could be totally wrong about that.... if i find out anything more i will let you know. cheers bruce
      bruce tovsky
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    • Apr 17 2006 | 4:56 pm
      If you feel like sharing your patch for the oberheim I too would be intrested. I've got a copy of the schematics, service manual and users manual for the 6R if your interested email me off the list.... neurovous at yahoo dot ca
    • Apr 17 2006 | 6:44 pm
      I just made a breaktrough discovery, just by chance really (it's not exactly as they describe it in the webpage), but this is most likely to mean I will be able to make the patch (which makes me very happy).
      As soon as I have something half decent to show I'll be happy to give a copy of the patch to anyone who wants it (then they can hopefully come up with ideas to upgrade the versions etc).
      Basically it all comes down to selecting quick in patch edit mode, and then you'll hopefully be editing the M6 with mouse, keyboard shortcuts, umenues, randomizers and and the like (maybe a re-patchable step sequencer?). if you're interested in it, the object would be thus:
      sxformat 240 16 6 6 /is $i2 / is $i1 / 247
      Its outlet of course connected to a midiout object. The number box on the second inlet is the parameter number (it follows the structure of the patch edit mode 0 is DCO1 freq, not 9 as I said in the previous message. It doesn't follow the order listed on the website -that's probably for sending the whole single patch data or something like that)
      Ok after days of unnerving struggle I am finally finding inspiration... so I'll just go and "patch the night away"!
      best, sebastian
      ps give me your email addresses where I can send you the patch once I've done it, mine is
    • Apr 20 2006 | 4:44 pm
      To All M6 lovers:
      I have a first version of a step sequencer patch for the M6. It's quite interesting if you choose the right paramters (it works quite well with the obvious VCF Fq and resonance, and VCOs 1&2 pitch, but also with OSC balance if you've different waveforms in DCOs 1 and 2. Anyone wants to give it a try and give some feeback?
    • Oct 16 2006 | 7:43 pm
      I just installed a patch editor Midiquest or something like that... operates as a VSTi and allows controll of the parameters in realtime. Problem is the old Oby doesn't like a whole bunch of sysex sent really quickly and she crashes. With max it would fairly easy to limit the speed of outgoing messages so this could be avoided.
    • Mar 26 2015 | 9:39 am
      was this ever completed?
    • Jan 02 2017 | 5:43 pm
      here is an open source Matrix editor i found built in max/msp