symbol tracking

    Aug 11 2011 | 7:14 pm
    i'am trying to work on a simple symbol tracker directly from a macbook webcam (sort of simple reactivision) with symbol as circle, cross , square etc...
    i had a look to cv.jit, but don't really found something to do with it.
    if someone can point me on the right direction.....
    thank you

    • Jul 22 2012 | 10:23 pm
    • Jul 22 2012 | 11:01 pm
      only 11 months.
    • Apr 09 2013 | 3:22 pm
      hi did you find a way to do it ? I want to do the same thing but don't know how to do
    • Apr 09 2013 | 6:53 pm
      i did but not with max, if you want to try by yourself with max you can find answer by looking at edge detection. Edge detection will let you know the number of side of the object, triangle is 3, circle 1 etc ....