timing probelm, max re-sizes my message contents. WHY?

    Apr 25 2011 | 3:40 pm
    Hello Max community!
    I have attatched a Max patch (one of my 5 CA instruments)
    It is a sample player, you have to get into the [pmaster loop] and [submatirx-A] [submatrix-B] etc subpatches to load a loop into the buffers, and then the big bang in the main patch should snyc them all up for playback. The CA patterns, and different rules give varieties of numerical arguments to the 4 submatrix buffers 'loop end times'. the idea is that I can quantise the continually chopping buffer so even if it starts to sound a bit mad the maths is related so you can make some strange combinations of samples that are chopped etc etc etc.#9everything is set up for 120BPM samples)
    The problem im having is that for each of the 4 'submatrixA-D' subpatches the number (milliseconds) sent to the buffer for the 'loop end times' is 're-sized' by Max. I changed the first argument from 1000 to 1000.02 and this (it used to send 999.98) now sends 1000 (ideal)..... this only works for the first 3 (1000, 500 and 250) but for the 125, 62.5, 31.25, 15.625 and 7.8125 Max seems to have someting going on that selects times that can't be changed at this minute scale. I just want to be able to give each buffer times in milliseconds that is mathematically related to quantised notes at 120BPM but it wont let me.
    It could be something to do with Max time format, the buffer object, the 'speed' of send/recieve objects or bangs etc im not sure but i reckon someone out there has a simple answer Any advice please let me know.