toggling visibily of objects

    Jan 24 2013 | 12:41 am
    Im sorry to be so new and always in need of explanation. i was wondering if someone could help me how to toggle a group of object's visibility? Presently I have an entire group of number boxes that I want to pop up when a button on my controller is pressed. How can this be done?
    EDIT.. figured it out with a presentation$ message!

    • Jan 24 2013 | 1:01 am
      "hidden $1" message to them. You need to connect a cord to each. Attach a toggle or other 0/1 switch to the message box. Because you probably want the switch to look "on" for the objects to be visible, you need to swap 0 for 1 and 1 for 0. many ways to do this, simplest is to run it through [!- 1] ... note the exclamation point and the space before the 1
      if you like "if" logic then use [if $i1 == 1 then 0 else 1]
      look to [thispatcher] to get fancier...and eliminate cords...
      look to [bpatcher] to get even fancier...
    • Jan 24 2013 | 1:24 am
      THANK YOU! this is exactly what i needed, and YES those cords are going to get crazy!