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about mxj~ MSPBuffer poke method (and VBR mp3 lengths)

Oct 13 2007 | 5:16 am

A long long long long long long time ago, Ali Momeni wanted to play
with mp3’s and mxj.

He wrote :
"however, i’m having trouble setting the length of a buffer because
the getFrameLength() method of an AudioInputStream seems to always
return -1 (!@#$)."

And there were no answers. I wanted to give you the result of my
searches about this specific subject:

1- Indeed, normal getFrameLength() does not give the length of an
audiostream coming from an mp3. It exists a trick to calculate the
mp3 length from the file information. However this is useless because
you will anyway get problems with VBR mp3s…

2- It _seems_ (not 100% sure) the real trick is to use
javazoom.jl.decoder.* (
sources.html ) as follow :

import javazoom.jl.decoder.*;

int nTotalMS = 0;

try {
Bitstream m_bitstream = new Bitstream(new FileInputStream
Header m_header = m_bitstream.readFrame();

int mediaLength = (int)encodedFile.length();

if (mediaLength != AudioSystem.NOT_SPECIFIED) {
nTotalMS = Math.round(m_header.total_ms(mediaLength));
post("Length in ms: " + nTotalMS);
} catch(Exception e) {


Oct 13 2007 | 7:45 am

Moving this topic to the Java forum, please reply to the java list.

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