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Analysing the inflowing floating point data using fft

Mar 27 2014 | 3:59 am

I have a set of real time data inflow, and i want to detect if the input stream is sinusoidal, preferably using fft. The data set is floating point of a 6 point precision and is real time acquisition.

Mar 27 2014 | 11:45 pm

i’ve never done this before, but it probably goes something like this:
1: convert the data stream to regularly sampled stream of floats between -1 and 1. to do this use the scale object, a float object as a buffer with a metro attached to it.
2: convert this to a signal (in the msp sense of the word) using sig~
3: put the signal through a smoothing filter with a steep cutoff at a little below half the data input rate (nyquist). You’ll probably have to design the filter yourself somehow.
4: downsample the filtered signal to the sample rate of the data. this part of the patch would have to go in a poly~ to acheive the downsampling
5: use pfft to analyse the data using appropriate windowing and fft size
6: figure out a way to display the output, maybe convert to a list, remap magnitudes to db and parse to a multislider…

have i left anything out?

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