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[ANN]: Summer 2008 Computer Music Workshops at Hanyang University (Korea)

May 16, 2008 | 10:12 am

> Apologies for any cross-posting. Although this is rather short
> notice, I thought that some of you, especially in the Asia/Oceania
> region might be interested in attending our annual Computer Music
> Workshops here at Hanyang University. If not this year, then
> perhaps next year?!
> ==============
> Summer 2008 Computer Music Workshops at Hanyang University
> The annual computer music workshops at the Hanyang University
> College of Music’s New Media Music studios will take place June 23rd
> – June 27th, 2008. The one-week workshop will focus on a practical
> approach to electro-acoustic and computer music using the Max/MSP
> software package. The introductory workshops will be in Korean,
> taught by Jongwoo Yim, and intermediate and advanced topics will be
> presented in English by Richard Dudas.
> The registration fee for the 5-days of workshops is 200,000 Korean
> Won (roughly $180 at the time of writing). The number of
> participants is limited to 20, with an additional 7 places available
> to those who provide their own laptop for the workshops. Although
> lodging is *not* included in the workshop fee, we are nonetheless
> able to help visiting foreign participants find affordable on-campus
> housing or home-stay accomodation.
> Any foreign participants interested in registering for these
> workshops can contact me at:
> dudas (at) cycling74 (dot) com
> The Hanyang Summer Computer Music Workshops are supported by the
> Hanyang University Institute of Electro-Acoustic Music.
> ==============
> Richard Dudas
> Assistant Professor, Department of Composition
> Hanyang University College of Music

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