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basing jit.gridshape mask position on accelrate data

Dec 11 2010 | 3:13 pm

Hey, first post.

just like to start off by saying im very new to max/jitter and the whole scene.

so anyway – my question.

i am using a wii remote to control some video effects, i have the remote set up in max and have my accelerate data and buttons mapped out.

one of the effects i would like to use is a mask that moves with the wii remote, at the minute i have the mask that i can drag around a jit.gridshape mask box, but i cant attatch it to the accelerate data. does anyone have a solution or another work around?

here is my patch, its at the very first stages atm.

  1. wiiproject.maxpat
Dec 13 2010 | 5:06 am

Not sure where you’re getting confused. You’re trying to connect the accelerometer data to the x/y controls of your mask?

Are you having trouble dealing with the scaling of the accelerometer data to move the mask? It can be kind of tricky to deal with that dataset since it can be very sensitive.

Looks pretty good even though you call yourself a beginner…i see the borrowed pieces from tutorials, but some things in here I feel like I just figured out a few months ago and I’ve been patching for almost 6 years, haha

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