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Building something similar to incredibox(music sequencer)

Apr 10 2013 | 9:18 am

Hi everyone,
I’m using maxmsp(5/6) and building a project for university. I have a simple question:
Any pre-made codes/maxmsp patches or simply anything, what could help me to build a music sequencer like the incredibox has got?
I already got few music sequencers running, but the feature that i’m looking for is: adding of a song (sequencer used music parts) >>> at start of a new chord/music sequence < <<, if it doesn't makes sense just search for incredibox and you'll see what i mean,

Any help will be appreciated,

Apr 10 2013 | 12:37 pm

I have no idea how to edit my previous post, anyway the problem is solved. For those, who wonder how:
I found a patcher(metronome-like) for counting the beat based on BPM that you input as integer and bangs on the beat.
Afterwards i count all those outputted beats and do the modulus, in order to find the required ones.
When the modulus ==0 && I have an input in queue(did toggle for that) —-> Play music.

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