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Cartesian co-ordinate confusion

Jan 27 2013 | 9:48 am

Generally, in the sound spatialization domain, I have mostly worked with systems that typically orient 3D axes as follows: x and y on the horizontal plane (along x, right of the origin is +ve going and for y forward is +ve) and z as height/depth or up/down in relation to the 2d x/y horizontal plane. Now that I want to incorporate elements of the it.phys system in my current project and am using elements of pre-existing work but it turns out the axes and orientation are different (In jit.phys positive x is left of the origin and the Y axis is up/down etc) so it does not seem (to me at least) possible to set up the original co-ordinate system without some translation between the two. I’m wondering if anybody could confirm whether i will need to translate the co-ordinates (messy) or if there is something I’ve missed and there’s a way I can set the up to conform to *my* view of it (as it should be, right?) without too much difficulty?


Jan 29 2013 | 1:49 pm

Well that turned out to be easy – rotating the camera position (in seems to have accomplished what I need. Can’t figure why I couldn’t work it out the first time around now.

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