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checking and deleting files in JS or MXJ

May 03 2006 | 1:47 pm

Hi everybody,

I have a patch that uses a folder with 20 aiff files. Users record in this folder, and overwrite older stuff if there are more than 20 files. So recording 21: delete old file 1 and save 21 as the new 1 etc.

What I need are functions that check the folder for files, add files, delete files etc.

Also, I need to upload selected files to a server via ftp.

I use a combination of Max, shell commands and Ruby to make all this work. Unfortunately, this is real messy, mostly because of the difference between Max paths and UNIX paths.

I would love some hints how to solve this more elegantly in Java or JS.

All suggestions welcome! Please keep in mind that I am a experienced programmer, but a Java/MXJ newbie.



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