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Control Reason sliders from Max

Sep 30 2012 | 1:32 am


I am trying to figure out how to control REASON sliders and effects from MAX/MSP The question is, once I have and slider in MAX,
how can I associate it to REASON, in order that MAX’s slider controls REASON’s parameters.

I thounght that may be, via Edit Remote Override Mapping option in REASON , which is associated to each controllable thing. The problem is that I don’t knowhow to associate sliders in MAX with these controls in Reason.

(My reason preferences are set as follows: keyboard and control surfaces: from MAX/MSP, advanced control: all marked with "from MAX/MSP)

I’d appreciate any kind of help. Thank you! Sabina.

Sep 30 2012 | 2:47 am

Check out the MIDI Implementation Charts provided with Reason’s Documentation. It has a breakdown of the MIDI controller number, and the name of the parameter for each device in Reason. I’m not on my computer that has Reason, so I can’t double check this, but use a [ctlout] with the proper arguments/messages to send out "from MaxMSP," and then you need to route the messages with the "REASON Hardware Device" at the top of the rack window in Reason.

I would be more specific if I could double check these things, but with all those things you ought to be able to figure it out.

Here is a google search for the Reason MIDI implementation charts, and has results for various versions of Reason:,mod=1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

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