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CPU usage with large patch.

Nov 17 2010 | 2:17 pm

hello : )

with my patch, I have lots of toggles and flonum number boxes and audio meters etc. The whole patch is on one page with no sub \\\\\\\"patcher\\\\\\\"s as I like to see everything on one page.

When the patch is on and my monitor has a heavy populated section of modules and wires on the screen the CPU shoots up to 70%- 90+%. However when I zoom to an empty part of the screen the CPU goes way low down to 10% or less.

I have a cheap graphics card on this machine and the CPU is a P4 D 3.2ghz dual core running at 800mz buss. This seems to be graphics related, I wonder would a faster/ higher memory graphics card help the situation? Or is it just the CPU/buss trying to cope with my patch? My other alternative is to make some sub- patchers, but that could be a nightmare with the size of my patch and the time i have. So I was hoping for a quick fix like a component upgrade perhaps? ( although i am maxed out on my motherboard / no OC capabilities) the graphics is the only thing that can be upgraded.

thanks for any help. : )

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