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csound~ update

Nov 17 2006 | 10:16 pm


There’s a new build of csound~ (2006_11_16) at: (hit refresh when you visit)

This update is mainly for WinXP users who may have encountered
crashes due to incompatibility with certain versions of Csound5.
>From now on, a version of csound~ will be compiled for every Csound5
release (starting with 5.03). Install instructions for WinXP have
also changed.



PS. Here’s an excerpt from the change log:


-> Recompiled csound~ to be compatible with Csound5.04.


-> Recompiled csound~ to fix compatibility issues with Csound5.03.1


-> The opcode chnget can now be used instead of invalue.
chnget is useful for querying at i-rate and k-rate, whereas
invalue can only query at k-rate.

Nov 19 2006 | 10:33 pm

Great news, except I don’t get this to work. I’ve attached my errormessage from the maxwindow.

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