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delay in feedback path can not be encapsulated/abstracted

Jan 04 2017 | 8:05 am

I’m starting to get hooked on gen~, but think the patching interface it is more limited than necessary.
For instance, below snippet shows how the (too strict IMHO) locality of subpatches/abstractions is a hindrance to reuse of more complex code parts (use case: a feedback matrix):
A delay in a feedback path can not be encapsulated into a gen subpatch or be within an abstraction, the whole patch doesn’t compile anymore. You need a superfluous [history] in between.
Can the presence of a delay in a subpatch not be detected, since the generated code is flattened anyway?
I will have to switch to codebox from now on.

Cheers, more fun to come, learned gen in a day thanks to the docs and great forum posts and examples!…

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