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feature request : a less buggy NSPickerColorWheel

Aug 24 2013 | 4:13 pm

It’s not much thing but still it would be nice if the floating color wheel that appears when you select "Color…" in the contextual menu (wiht right click) of an object would be slightly improved :
-sometimes (difficult to say the circumstances exactly, might be when you change color of several objects one after another wihtout closing a colorwheel window of a previous object) there will be a buggy window appearing in Max, with nothing in it, named someting like NSPickerCOlorWheel. You cant’ move/close that window without closing Max.
-It would be awesome if you could change the color of several objects one after another, wihtout needing to reopen that color wheel window, like you can change object’s attributes in the inspector, so keeping that color wheel window open and selecting one object then another then maybe three other etc.
Voilà, that’s all for now…

edit : i think i remember the correct way to address feature request is a mail to c74 support, i’ll do it right away

Aug 24 2013 | 11:36 pm

The bug you mention of the blank window seems to happen when you switch to full screen with video work, possibly only with open GL but I’m not sure.

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