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Follow and writeascii

Apr 12 2006 | 6:26 pm

Summary: documents non-existant message.

Steps: open, click on the writeascii message box.

Expected result: file dialog, etc.

Actual result: "follow: doesn’t understand" error message in Max Window:

Ssytem: Max/MSP 4.5.6, Mac OS 10.4.6

Remission of sorts: The Reference Manual talks about a dump message.
This is probably what the .help file wants to refer to?

Also: follow has problems with search path when it is used in a .help
file. This if anyone at Cycling 74 Support has Litter Power installed
(ha!), this can be easily be verified by opening But you’ll
probably want a hand-crafted example to download and test. Later

— P.

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