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glui sensor workshop @ tesla

May 29 2006 | 10:14 am

glui sensor workshop @ tesla 20-25.June Berlin

Sensors play a central role in interfacing between real and virtual
domains by converting physical activity into electrical signals. This
workshop aims to convey the required technologies for applying this
to artistic projects, including sensor selection, design of
conditioning amplifiers and use of interfaces in combination with the
host computer.

The main focus of this year’s glui workshop is on the use of sensors
in interactive installations. We will also look into the reversed
signal flow, i.e. the possibilities of actuators, like motors and
lamps. Excursions towards robotics are possible, while live-
electronic music won’t get a turn this time (no video tracking either).
As usual, the workshop will be taught using the gluion sensor
interface, so we will also cover its unique digital sensor options.

The aim of the workshop, apart from teaching the concepts, is the
implementation of functional objects which will be presented after
the workshop as part of the sound installation festival Sonambiente.

The workshop will be taught by Sukandar Kartadinata.

No prior knowledge is required, although experience with music
programming environments (e.g. Max/MSP, pd, SuperCollider) will be
helpful, as well as basic soldering skills. We ask participants to
contact us early about their specific interests so we can adapt
accordingly. We also encourage artists to bring in their current
projects if they want certain sensor-related aspects be implemented
as part of the workshop.
As we can only provide a very limited number of computers, people are
asked to bring their own laptops.

Tuesday, June 20th – Sunday, June 25th
Following Exhibition until July 2nd
Open studio on June 22nd
Discussion at the tesla club on June 22nd

Application deadline:
June 12th

Tesla im Podewils’schen Palais
Klosterstr. 68-70
10179 Berlin

100 Euro
Parts for specific projects not included
Participants can purchase a gluion at a 10% discount



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