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How to learn openGL for use in MAX

December 22, 2013 | 10:02 pm

I am very interested in making my own graphical user interface objects in Max, which is why I am very excited about the JSUI object.

Unfortunately I have only a basic understand of javascript and C/C++. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to the best way to learn openGL as it pertains to MAX.

I have what seem to be the top two openGL reference books but it sounds like they may be overkill and difficult for a beginner. I have gone through the Max tutorial but I don’t know where to go from there. Thanks for any suggestions.

December 23, 2013 | 6:36 am

there’s a lot of tutorials on this very website :

Delicious maxmsp tutorials feature some opengl stuff : (from #20 or so)

a lot of jitter recipes are about opengl (from book 3 or so ?) :

yes, you kinda need to find stuff yourself… i think you’ll get faster learning with such things that reading those big books

December 23, 2013 | 6:39 am

Check my profile with my posts, I’ve asked Rob these questions before and he gave very clear answers with where to start. :)

December 23, 2013 | 10:37 am


November 3, 2014 | 3:43 pm

Thank you Vichug, this is exactly what I’m after.

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