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Dec 06 2011 | 3:07 pm

Hi everyone,
I have a really noobish problem. Could you tell me how to start writing js for Live8 / Max? I have created a patch that gets names of all tracks in a set, gets title of currently selected track and also it is possible to select track you want to use. My problem is: what should I do to create, write and run the script? It escaped my notice. I want to convert my patch to a js and post (cpost?) all information (that are printed to Max main window) to a console window.

– I have installed Ableton Live Suite 8 and Max 5 and pyhon 2.5.1
– I copied LiveOSC to C:Program FilesAbletonLive x.x.xResourcesMIDI RemoteScripts (x.x.x – current version number)
– I’ve changed Midi Sync Control Surface to LiveOSC

And what now?

Let say I have written already a script (e.g. pukunui’s ). What should I do next? Should I put this js somewhere? how can I run it? Is it possible to run it directly from cmd by "cscript myscript.js" command or perhaps the only way to use the script is creating a device that runs/uses it?

Dec 08 2011 | 1:07 pm

Ok I have done my patcher. It collects the name of tracks and theirs clips name. But what can I do to send this stuff on a web page as a string or string list? Is it possible? udpsend/udpreciver can do it only with max on a server.

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