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keyup & m4l?

Apr 22 2013 | 7:17 pm

hi…is there any way to detect the output each time z key is released on the computer keyboard in Ableton?
I want to create a virtual keyboard with my laptop keyboard…
the problem is that:
1) if i have "ΚΕΥ" activated in Ableton(use laptop keyboard as midi input)
i am obliged to use only few (preselected from Ableton) keys…
2 )if is not activated(so i can assign all the keys to max4live GUI like live.toggles)
i have not found the way to detect key-releases as i mentioned..
3)key/keyup objects they are not working inside Ableton unless you select the device …
even if i select the device automatically (via m4l API) key/keyup objects don t work

thanks in advance
any new direction would be very helpful!
(i am windows user so i can t use aka.keyboard)

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