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Long-duration jitter metro: phasor~ etc vs qmetro?

Jun 09 2011 | 10:57 pm


I’m looking to have a number of jitter pwindows displaying small movies from objects within the interface of a patch which will have to work reliably for 10 hours or so at a time.

Thinking about this, I worry that with the conventional qmetro it is possible that I will get the sort of problems that can manifest themselves with metros etc within the Max side of things.

I would normally think at this point to use a single phasor~ type solution to drive everything. My one concern comes with the fact that when I have done this in the past I have put the audio scheduler in overdrive – which is usually great as it gives you rock-solid timing. However, reading around here I have remembered that this prioritises audio domain processing over GUI and graphics etc… which is – in theory – opposite to what I want as I am using Jitter.

I doubt this would be a massive problem, but I was wondering if anybody has had experience with this? Would it make a big difference if I used the phasor~ timing but turned the overdrive off? Or does overdrive not particularly effect it?

N.B I would be displaying about 16 different small movie files, but they would be small and not processor intensive.

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