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looking for the voice of bach

Apr 05 2012 | 2:58 pm


As one of the next steps in the development of the bach environment ( – btw stay tuned, version 0.7 is on the way and will rock), we’re planning a set of video tutorials which, we hope, will help people break the ice with the system.

But a video tutorial is nothing without a proper audio commentary, and we wish to save you the pain of listening to a synthesized voice or – even worse – our funny dago accent…

So we’re looking for people willing to tape themselves reading some minutes of bach-related gibberish, in exchange for love and never-ending glory – no money, sorry, as we don’t earn anything from this either, but if we ever do bach t-shirts we promise you’ll get one!

Our ideal reader should be a native English speaker (British, American, Aussie, Kiwi, or whatever else) equipped with a microphone other than her/his laptop’s and any software capable to record some sound (e.g., Max).

If you can’t wait to help us with this, please contact us on list or at < info at bachproject dot net >

Thank you!!!
andrea & daniele – your beloved bach development team

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