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lost files help

Sep 02 2009 | 7:54 pm

I had a drive failure, paid an arm and a leg to retrieve my files because `i hadnt made back ups of my maxmsp patches and they are priceless.. Now I have them back they are all iconed / interperated on my macbook as unix executable files and all appear to be really small in size and dont open in maxmsp at all! Everything else recovered works a charm. Do you think there is any way to recover these? Should I ask the data recovery firm to have a second look?
I have uploaded one of the unix files maybe someone can check this for me

Sep 02 2009 | 8:32 pm

As you write about Unix, I guess you’re on a Mac.

I had the same problem before, downloading Max files from my ftp server.
Your file is a Max text file, so add .mxt at the end of the file and it should then correctly open in Max (it does for me, I can even say you’ll need only a couple of minutes to rebuild it from scratch).
In case you have Max binary, add .mxb

If you have many files to change, you can use a software like this one:

Good luck

And from now on, back up, back up, back up…

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